Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a charge for the ID card?

There is no charge for your first newcard.

If your name or status (student, faculty, staff) has changed, there is no charge for a replacement ID. Name changes must first be submitted (with legal documentation) to the Office of the Registrar (for students) or Human Resources (for faculty or staff); after you have received confirmation, please allow three hours for the name change to appear in our database before you visit our office. Your old ID must be turned in to our office at that time.

Faculty and staff with orange cards (the previous generation of cards) are entitled to one free replacement when the picture on the front of the card begins to wear off. You must trade in your old card in order to receive a new one. Feel free to email us an updated photo of yourself before your visit at; this photo can be used on your replacement ID.

Destroyed or defaced newcards—ones with punched holes, folds, or other avoidable damage—are not valid, and a $25 fee will be charged for a replacement.

How long will it take once my ID card online application is submitted?

First time students will receive their card at the orientation for their program. They should bring a form of valid photo ID, like a driver’s license. Cards can be picked up at the Campus Card Services office after the orientation.

Faculty and staff should allow three business days for their card to be created, and then visit the Campus Card Services office and present valid photo ID to claim their card.

What is the largest file size I can upload?


What photo file types do you accept?

JPEG, GIF, and TIF. JPEG is recommended.

What happens if the photo I supply does not meet the specified requirements?

Your application for an ID card will be delayed. You will receive an email indicating the reason why the photo is not acceptable and will have to either upload another picture or visit the Campus Card Services office to have your card manually produced.

How do I get a replacement card?

You must visit Campus Card Services in person to replace a newcard. No appointment is necessary. Your replacement newcard will be printed and encoded while you wait. The $25 fee must be paid during your visit; credit cards are accepted, and checks, cashiers checks, and money orders payments can be made two floors above our office at Student Accounts. If you were the victim of a violent crime, please bring any pertinent documentation with you when you visit.

If your newcard is lost or stolen and you deposited money into a Newcard Cash account, log in to immediately and follow the directions at the "Manage Account" link to suspend your card. Failure to suspend a lost card could result in unauthorized use of your account. Once your newcard is suspended, you must go to Campus Card Services to have a replacement card printed. Access to your funds is transferred automatically to your replacement card.

If a lost newcard is turned in to Campus Card Services, an email will be sent to the cardholder at his or her New School email account. If you have already received a replacement newcard, your previous card has been permanently deactivated and should be destroyed if found.

I have a question not listed here, who can I email?

You can contact our office at
You can also visit our website at